The Team

Team Leaders

Borja Hidalgo

Team Leader


Javier Ibargoitia

Technical Director Mechanic

Arrate Garcia

Technical Director Electric

Laura Lopez

Business Department

Laida Alonso

Operations Department

Team Leaders

Gonzalo lanas


Andoni Medina



In a vehicle the only point of contact with the asphalt are the tires. In the suspension area the main objective is to maximize the contact of the four tires with the road at all times. In this way we ensure optimal dynamic behavior on the track.


Drivetrain, the muscle of the car. The purpose of this theme is to propel the car using two electric motors. The objective is clear: to offer maximum power ensuring correct cooling at all times.


The business department takes care of the non-technical part of the car. Their tasks are very varied; management of social networks, contact with sponsors. They are also in charge of the necessary documentation for the team's participation in the Formula Student competitions and the development of the Business Plan, one of the tests that are evaluated in competition.


In the area of aerodynamics, we use the air to our advantage, playing with its trajectory to maximize the available grip of the tires, while minimizing the resistance it opposes to advance.


Tractive System is the area in charge of designing the car's energy storage system to provide it with the necessary autonomy. Monitoring the batteries and transmitting energy to the car's powertrain are its main tasks. For this transmission, it consists of two inverters in charge of passing the energy supplied from direct current to alternating current to feed the engines in charge of propelling the car.

LV Electronics: "The nervous system" of the car. The Electronics area is responsible for the low voltage electronics of the car. Based on the interaction between different modules, it is responsible for collecting all the information necessary for the car to function properly. At the same time, it is in charge of the data acquisition of all the sensors installed in the car and it consists of an IMU which is the source of information for the "Torque vectoring" logic.


The chassis is the centerpiece of our car, it is the structure that unites all the other sets. It has two fundamental requirements: it has to be light as well as rigid. In this way we guarantee the maximum performance of the rest of the sets.



This department is in charge of managing both the competition management, with all that this entails, as well as the management of the internal logistics of the team's resources. They are also in charge of developing the Cost Report.


Race Engineering

The main mission of Race Engineering will be to provide the technical team with information and experience to make technical decisions derived from the data obtained on the track, while optimizing the time on the track as much as possible.